401TB About Us

About Us

401 Tech Bridge is the solution for anyone seeking to bridge R&D gaps, develop talent pipelines, or connect with potential customers and funding opportunities. Through our partnership with Rhode Island businesses, government agencies and university communities, we provide collaboration space, resources, and equipment access to help innovators get their proven, high-tech products out the door and into customer hands fast. 

"401 Tech Bridge is an important economic development program designed to increase technology commercialization through physical space and partnerships.”
– Christian Cowan, Executive Director, 401 Tech Bridge

A Model For the NavalX Techbridge Network

The NavalX Tech Bridges are a connected network that enhances collaboration between Naval Labs, industry, academia, and other military branches.

401 Tech Bridge was the first entity to partner with the Department of the Navy’s NavalX Tech Bridge initiative, and our collaboration is now a national model for the 12 NavalX Tech Bridge sites across the country. Through programming like Tech Scouting and the Navy Prize Challenges, we are the hub for NavalX North East Tech Bridge activities, building partnerships to innovate in the Navy’s focus areas: maritime composites and textiles, undersea vehicles, sensors, and technologies.

Growing businesses, Job, and Economies

Achieving commercialization is essential to driving business growth, which in turn creates new jobs to meet evolving business needs. New jobs create new opportunities for existing local workforces, while also attracting new residents to the area.

401 Tech Bridge’s expertise opens a multitude of doors for innovators and business leaders to cut R&D costs through technology licensing, find funding opportunities, access needed facilities and equipment, solve key business problems, and more.

Birenda Chaudhary, COE grad student, (he/him), wearing a red shirt
Gideon Lyngdoh, COE grad student (he/him), wearing a black sweatshirt with a large white design on the front, also a brown knit cap
Sami Doner, Lab Manager & phD student, (he/him), wearing a light brown ball cap
Nora-Kristin Kelter, grad student (she/her), the only woman pictured in photos from Sumanta's lab, a blonde
Jonathan Villada, grad student (he/him), in the large group photo, he's at the very back of the photo
Dr. Helio Matos
The two industry people are:
Jim Owens, Nautilus Defense -- dark hair and beard, wearing gray mask and 401Tech Bridge vest
Darya Blout, Canapitsit Customs -- blonde, wearing blue button-down shirt -- only appears in photos from the lab in Kirk.

Our Mission - Serving Defense, Business, and Education

“Industry and innovation are at the core of Rhode Island’s strength and by supporting projects like the 401 Tech Bridge we are bolstering our states economic competitiveness.”
401 Tech Bridge: for defense

Since our inception, 401 Tech Bridge has proudly worked with the U.S. Department of Defense, in close collaboration with the U.S. Navy, as a civilian interface to innovation communities. Through this partnership, 401TB is able to support the Navy’s efforts to accelerate time-to-solution, discover new technologies, and enhance the Navy’s technological agility and development.

With expertise in areas like textiles, composites and advanced materials, and Blue Tech, coupled with deep networks within innovation ecosystems. 401 Tech Bridge is able to offer high value, high impact opportunities like Tech Scouting, Prize Challenges, and national defense and public safety-oriented Blue Tech Accelerators.

401 Tech Bridge: For Business

401 Tech Bridge’s people, partners, and facilities fill the gaps to help innovators get their proven, high tech products out the door and into customer hands.

Offering a variety of programming, funding opportunities for innovators and startups, expertise, and the Advanced Materials & Technology Center, we are well equipped to help inventors, Entrepreneurs, and business leaders accelerate their journey from prototype to commercialization.

401 Tech Bridge also connects innovators with R&D resources at leading colleges and universities, creating partnerships between business and higher education.

Plus, for those with dual-use solutions applicable to Defense and commercial markets. Through our networks and relationships, we are able to help dual-use innovators find new opportunities and new customers within the national defense and public safety markets through programs like Tech Scouting and the U.S. Navy Prize Challenges.

401 Tech Bridge: For Education

As a division of the University of Rhode Island Research Foundation, 401 Tech Bridge has deep connections within the University of Rhode Island. We also partner with universities throughout New England.

Working with networks of talented faculty, engaged students, state of the art R&D facilities, and tech transfer offices, 401 Tech Bridge gives colleges and Universities access to its Defense and commercial networks, while helping Defense and commercial innovators find ways to tap Higher Ed. innovation capabilities.

401 Tech Bridge also, in collaboration with its partners like RIHub, provides Entrepreneurial-minded students needed resources and support post-graduation to successfully launch and grow their ventures right here in Rhode Island.

Circadian Positioning Systems

Dr. Eliza Van Reen, Ph.D., founder of Circadian Positioning Systems, sought to expand the commercialization of her  groundbreaking fatigue-mitigating technology that was being deployed by the Navy, into additional military applications. She turned to leaders from 401 Tech Bridge and other crucial mentors to help navigate the complex requirements within the Department of Defense.

Read on to learn how 401 Tech Bridge leveraged their extensive contacts and knowledge base within the Tech Bridge network to connect her to the procurement and acquisition community for military programs associated with CPS’ technology.

"At this phase of commercialization, there’s a lot of emphasis on return on investment, so it takes a different strategy than R&D. Navigating this ‘middle’ is a big challenge and I have been incredibly fortunate to partner with this talented team of individuals who have been working to introduce me to those who have successfully done this before, especially on the procurement side. I have found this network to be absolutely essential, especially in navigating the complex requirements within the Department of Defense."