CASE STUDY: Nautilus Defense

CASE STUDY: Nautilus Defense

Jim Owens and his team at Nautilus Defense design and build advanced material-integrated systems with a focus on mechanical performance, survivability, and development speed to continually deploy solutions for their Army, Navy, and Air Force customers.

Their material-integrated systems support the Department of Defense’s Multi-Domain Operations concept by providing mission-critical capabilities without an increased logistics footprint. Nautilus is also pursuing opportunities to leverage its technologies and expertise in the development and construction of solutions for commercial markets that employ fiber-based and fiber-reinforced materials today.

However, creating brilliant technology that can help change the world is only half the battle. Getting those innovations in front of the people who need them, in an efficient and effective manner, is an equally critical part of the equation.

That’s where 401 Tech Bridge helped Jim and Nautilus take things to the next level.

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