401 Tech Bridge Newsletter – July 2022

401 Tech Bridge Newsletter – July 2022


401 Tech Bridge is the solution for anyone seeking to bridge R&D gaps, develop talent pipelines, or connect with potential customers and funding opportunities. 


401 Tech Bridge is your solution to faster commercialization. Through our people, partners, and facilities, we fill the gaps to help innovators get their proven, high-tech products out the door and into customer hands. Collaborating with our deep networks across business, government, academia and national defense and public safety, we provide people, programming, and equipment to bring new technologies to market faster.

Serving startups, entrepreneurs, established companies, educational institutions, and government, 401 Tech Bridge is the solution for anyone seeking to bridge R&D gaps, develop talent pipelines, or connect with potential customers and funding opportunities. Leveraging our team and partner expertise in areas like Blue Tech, advanced manufacturing, composites, and textiles. We also serve as a key economic growth engine for the region. 

In a nutshell if you’re working on a new technology that’s between the prototype, production, and deployment stages (MRL/TRL 7-9), and you need support to bring the technology to market, we can help.

Linda Larsen
Programs & Partnership Manager | 401 Tech Bridge


​​​​​​Ceramic Dicing & Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

401 Tech Bridge is currently conducting two tech scouting initiatives for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport in the areas of ceramic dicing and remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

All specific criteria, requirements, evaluation of technical quality and tasking can be found by clicking the links provided:

The 401 Tech Bridge Tech Scouting program is a civilian-driven, non-government interface between the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), its Tech Bridge network, and 401 Tech Bridge’s nation-wide network of innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, and tech resources.

If you are interested in joining the network, or learning more about the program and future tech scouting opportunities, please submit your information and interest here.

If you have any questions, or need additional guidance, please reach out to Linda Larsen: llarsen@401techbridge.org.

401 Tech Bridge Highlighted in NUWC Division Newport's 2021 Annual Overview

NUWC Division Newport celebrated a successful year of collaboration in its recently published 2021 Annual Overview.

Commanding Officer Capt. Chad Hennings and Technical Director Ron Vien introduced the report by highlighting Division Newport’s important work.

“2021 challenged us to move forward and stay on task and we did just that!” states the introduction. “As you can see, there’s a lot of work to be done and Division Newport is at the forefront of essential fleet engineering and research.”

Since our inception, 401 Tech Bridge has been a partner and collaborator with NUWC Newport. Working together in support of the U.S. Navy’s mission to increase its technological agility and rapid adoption of cutting-edge tech solutions. 401 Tech Bridge has been an important conduit and bridge into the commercial innovation ecosystems and its innovators. Through this work, 401 Tech Bridge has transformed technology challenges into opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. Driving business development and job growth right here in Rhode Island.

It was a busy year for both organizations. But by working together, 401 Tech Bridge and NUWC Newport achieved several mission critical wins that were highlighted including:

• Inventors showcased cutting-edge undersea warfare-inspired inventions during the Technology Commercialization, Research and Development Showcase

• The Northeast Tech Bridge team hosted the NavalX quarterly sharing successful partnering agreements, defining the Tech Bridge organizational structure, and determining a path forward 

• The Tech Bridge team held a ribbon-cutting of the Rapid Engineering and Experimentation Facility (REEF)

• A $50,000 “Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Waterside Security” Prize Challenge was awarded generating over 60 solutions from industry partners

• A $30,000 “Rapid Design Tool for Advanced Manufacturing” inaugural Prize Challenge was launched and awarded for the development of software tools and CAD solutions for an on-demand and at-sea production of a mission critical part

2022 is proving to be as successful, and we are only halfway through the year.

• Two additional Prize Challenges have launched in Marine Mammal Autonomous Detection, and Ocean Sediment Collection Detection

Program delivery with a Blue Tech concentration as a part of the ‘Safety and Security’ track to entrepreneurs participating in this year’s MassChallenge Early-Stage Accelerator

• 401 Tech Bridge’s Tech Scouting program continues to expand and increase, Identifying dual-use technology capabilities, to solve defense problems

The organizations have been collaborating on numerous initiatives such as the upcoming Technology Commercialization Showcase which will introduce and promote licensable dual-use technology from NUWC and various academic institutions scheduled for later this fall

Program support of the NUWC Undersea Technology Apprenticeship Program (UTAP) with 48 students working alongside NUWC engineers preparing to meet the future workforce needs of the defense industry

401 Tech Bridge is proud of its accomplishments with NUWC Newport and looks forward to many more years of successful collaboration.

2022 U.S. Early-Stage Accelerator Cohort Announced

401 Tech Bridge is excited to be a sponsor of the MassChallenge 2022 U.S. Early-Stage Accelerator program. 250 startups from across the globe have been invited to participate.

Select startups with direct or potential relevance to national security and public safety challenges in the commercial and governmental/military sectors, will be invited to participate in the Safety and Security Track. This track will have a blue tech focus for those startups working on undersea technologies and innovations.

401 Tech Bridge will also be hosting a Blue Tech Demo Day on September 1, 2022, where participants in the program will apply in to demonstrate their technologies with either an in-water or static demonstration at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport.

To explore the cohort or learn more about the program, additional information can be found here.

The Scale UP RI workshop series continues now, through the end of October. If you are interested in participating in these FREE virtual events, please select the links to learn more and to register.

August 9, 2022 – 12:00pm – 1:00pm ET

“Working With the Northeast Tech Bridge & the NavalX Network”

During this facilitated panel discussion, you will lean how you can benefit from working with the Northeast Tech Bridge & the NavalX Network.

You will:
• Interact with Tech Bridge leaders in a facilitated panel discussion
• Learn how you can benefit from working with the Northeast Tech Bridge and the NavalX Network
• Identify how your company can be included in future tech scouting efforts

August 24, 2022 – 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

“Stand Out from the Competition: Crafting Brand, Position & Sales Strategies”

This session has been designed for you to learn about branding, positioning and the sales process.

You will learn how to:
• Promote Why customers should come to you rather than What you do
• Offer strategic value in addition to product for your customer
• Determine points of entry for new target markets

401 Tech Bridge & Northeast Tech Bridge Engage to Assist Navy's Small Business Program

Our collective outreach and ecosystem partnerships can engage small, underrepresented and nontraditional defense businesses to address Navy challenges

401 Tech Bridge is excited to be a sponsor of the MassChallenge 2022 U.S. Early-Stage Accelerator program. 250 startups from across the globe have been invited to participate. 

Oftentimes big ideas and solution concepts come from those not necessarily big in size.  Our small business community including our entrepreneurs, start-ups, and nontraditional defense companies are the life blood of creativity, drive, and ingenuity.  Chances are if small and non-traditional players are involved in solving a problem, there will likely be a richer and more expansive slate of solution ideas than if only traditional, bigger service providers were involved.  
This month, 401 Tech Bridge and Northeast Tech Bridge were represented in a roundtable with Jimmy Smith, Director Navy Office of Small Business Programs (OSMP) to address several Navy priorities associated with increasing engagement and representation of small and nontraditional businesses in contributing to Navy solutions and programs.  The event was organized by Energetics Technology Center (ETC) and will continue regularly as an ongoing effort to work solutions with OSMP and Jimmy Smith.  

Working with ETC, we shaped the topic discussion, leading the roundtable event focused on optimizing ecosystem performance and value through leveraged regional partnerships.  

Three pressing OSBP issues of concern, described as OSMP Fire Missions, are: Red Hill Fuel Farm, the “Paris Air Show” of ROV’s, and Increased Naval Small Business Engagement.

401 Tech Bridge and Northeast Tech Bridge led a discussion around how we might achieve our objectives by leveraging the relevant missions and charters of the many organizations and programs that interface and/or support small and underrepresented businesses and interact with the nontraditional defense community.  We have an opportunity through partnerships and relationships to create teams that have skill sets and programs that complement each other.  We discussed what it means to optimize the value of the organizations and partnerships that exist within many regional ecosystems through teaming and shared initiatives that serve our collective effort to engage and elevate our small business community.

In addition to the NavalX Tech Bridge network and their PIA partners like 401 Tech Bridge we were able to highlight the programs and the various warfare centers, commerce offices, Procurement Technical Assistance Center, the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), academia, incubation hubs, acceleration programs, membership and trade organizations, manufacturing extension partnerships (MEPs), and more. In the Northeast we have forged solid working relationships with these organizations and programs and are collaborating to leverage what we all do best within our communities.

Navy Announces Pre-Release of 22.4 SBIR Topics

The Navy announced the pre-release of its SBIR topics as part of the DoD’s annual FY-22.4 SBIR BBA. The Navy portion will open to receive proposal August 11, 2022 and close September 13, 2022.

(22.4 Topics) NAVFAC Standard Topics:
N224-129 – Geophysics Sensors and AI/ML for Subterranean Shipyard Voids and Piles

OBJECTIVE: Develop and demonstrate successful seismic geophysical assessment solution to enable non-destructive subterranean assessment of void and pile locations and dimensions (seeking up to 80 feet of penetration) for piers, wharfs, relieving-platforms, and other shipyard-type structures) for initial load restriction or load capacity planning during Port Damage Repair and Port/Harbor/Shipyard assessment scenarios, when electromagnetic contract methods fail due to salt-saturated soils and water.

(22.4 Topics) NAVWAR Standard Topics:
N224-130 – GPS Interference Direction of Arrival (DoA) Initiative for User Purposes (GIDI-UP)

OBJECTIVE: Develop Global Positioning System (GPS) interference direction finding sensor for surface and subsurface vessels to provide situational awareness of jamming and/or spoofing signals.

(22.4 Topics) NAVWAR Standard Topics:
N224-131 – Proliferated Low Earth Orbit (pLEO) Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT)

OBJECTIVE: Develop navigation concepts using commercial Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations as signals of opportunity to provide accurate Global Positioning System (GPS)-independent positioning and precise timing with a positioning accuracy of less than 50 meters 3-D (Spherical) Position (95%), less than 6 meters/second velocity error (RMS per axis), and better than 50 nanosecond time transfer (95%) (threshold).
Objective performance requirements are less than 10 meters, less than 3 meters/second, and better than 20 nanosecond time transfer.

For questions or additional information, please contact Lee Silvestre lsilvestre@401techbridge.org

“The Blue & You” Summer Series: Rhode Island’s Blue Ecosystem

‘The Blue and You’ Summer Speaker Series, hosted by Innovate Newport, continues through the end of August.

Christian Cowan will be presenting: Our Blue Ecosystem, on Thursday, August 11, 2022, from 4:00 – 5:30 PM.

You can register for the event and learn more about the series here.