Tech Scouting – Ceramic Dicing

Tech Scouting – Ceramic Dicing

401 Tech Bridge has a tech scouting opportunity available for Ceramic Dicing with specific criteria and requirements. The evaluation of technical quality and tasking is listed. Please reach out to Linda Larsen if you have any questions.


Evaluation of Technical Quality: The evaluation criteria for this CTI is based on the proof-of-concept meeting the requirements specified in the Tasking OR by demonstrating a subset of the requirements with a feasible plan to meet all requirements in a future proof-of-concept or prototype.

Tasking: Conduct Tech Scouting and proof-of-concept demonstration for the following technology:

The Navy is in need of precision dicing curved PZT stack assemblies that are 1.47” tall with a dicing depth of 1.142” as seen below. Prototype samples have been previously diced in-house using a diamond wire saw. Due to the hardness of the PZT material it is unlikely to be able to make the precision cuts without damaging the glued PZT stack, unless using a diamond wire saw or diamond cutting wheel. We have been unable to find anyone with a diamond cutting wheel large enough to cut to our dicing depth. We have also been unable to find anyone with a diamond wire saw willing to bid to do this work for us. Currently we have 32 curved PZT stack assemblies to be furnished for slicing as the proof-of-concept demonstration. Alternatively, if it is substantially affects the cost or facilitates finding a manufacturer able to do this work, it is permissible to have the assemblies cut all the way through the entire 1.47” tall stack instead of partially through.

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