Active Tech Scouting Effort

Micro Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV)

401 Tech Bridge is conducting a Tech Scouting effort to procure (3) Micro UUVs to be used for gathering environmental measurements in the ocean for test and evaluation.

Please reach out to 401 Tech Bridge at if you have any questions.

Evaluation of Technical Criteria

The evaluation criteria for this CTI is based on the proof-of-concept meeting the requirements specified in the tasking OR by demonstrating a subset of the requirements with a feasible plan to meet all requirements in a future proof-of-concept or prototype.


Identify and procure compact (“micro”) autonomous vehicles or underwater drones capable of gathering environmental measurements in the ocean for test and evaluation.

Requirements include

  • Maximum ocean depth of 100 Meters or greater
  • Positional accuracy within 5 meters or better
  • Surface range 10km or more
  • Portable for small boat work, diver-deployable, can be carried on commercial aircraft in checked luggage
    • Weight 5kg or less
    • Length 100cm or less
    • Diameter 10cm or less
  • Rugged enough for surf zone work, drops from ship deck (i.e. 3-5-meter height)
  • User can customize missions
  • Open source software that can be integrated with existing and future command and control interfaces
  • Interface and communications between multiple units
  • Sensors must include
    • Conductivity (salinity)
    • Temperature
    • Depth

“Nice to have” sensors:

  • Passive acoustics (hydrophone) integrated into vehicle
  • Chlorophyll
  • pH
  • Dissolved oxygen


Identify potential solutions and associated vendors that can address this need. Coordinate calls to review costs, timetable and logistics.

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