Active Tech Scouting Effort

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

401 Tech Bridge is conducting a Tech Scouting effort to identify vendors to supply Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to be used for in-water testing, experimentation and tactical waterside perimeter training exercises to support perimeter defense system capabilities.  

Please reach out to 401 Tech Bridge at if you have any questions.

Evaluation of Technical Criteria

The evaluation criteria for this CTI is based on the proof-of-concept meeting the requirements specified in the tasking OR by demonstrating a subset of the requirements with a feasible plan to meet all requirements in a future proof-of-concept or prototype.


Procure an ROV that meets the below minimum requirements for experimentation and possible integration into our harbor defense systems. Main focus areas are environmental awareness, situational awareness, deployment and recovery assistance, diver assistance. 

Requirements, Specifications, Image

  •  High Definition Camera 1080p video and min 8mp camera
  • Option for upgrade to 4k camera video would be preferable
  •  Maximum depth 200 meters
  • Tether Length 75 meters minimum with working strength of 25kg and max breaking of 90k
  •  Lights 1000 lumens min and must track with camera
  • Gripper tool with Multi use claws for: Interlocking Jaws – Tri-Jaw – Caliper – Sediment Sampler – Water Sampler
  • Min 7” display screen on control unit
  • Must be under 10kg in air
  • Must come in pelican case/carrying case for easy portability
  • Must be able to check onto a plane


Identify potential solutions and associated vendors that can address this need. Coordinate calls to review costs, timetable and logistics.

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