Active Tech Scouting Effort

Sonar Systems

401 Tech Bridge has a tech scouting opportunity available for Sonar Systems with specific criteria and requirements. The evaluation of technical quality and tasking is listed. Please reach out to Linda Larsen if you have any questions.

Evaluation of Technical Criteria

The evaluation criteria for this CTI is based on the proof-of-concept meeting the requirements specified in the tasking OR by demonstrating a subset of the requirements with a feasible plan to meet all requirements in a future proof-of-concept or prototype.


The Goal of this tech scout is to assess the baseline capabilities, and possible surge capabilities of current sonar system vendors

Potential vendor responses will be based upon associated questionnaire.  Potential responses from vendors could include in-person or virtual demonstrations, or a loan of the technology for NUWC personnel to test at NUWC test facilities. Demonstrations and equipment loans are not necessary to accomplish the baseline assessment within this task.

The desired deliverables from this Tech Scout would be identified potential solutions and associated vendors that can address this need and as applicable, coordinated in person or virtual demonstrations of prospective solutions on navy relevant applications.

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