Active Tech Scouting Effort

Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV)

401 Tech Bridge is conducting a Tech Scouting effort to procure (3) Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UVV) to be used for in-water testing, experimentation, and sensor system testing to address Navy technical challenges related to perimeter defense.  

Please reach out to 401 Tech Bridge at if you have any questions.

Evaluation of Technical Criteria

The evaluation criteria for this CTI is based on the proof-of-concept meeting the requirements specified in the tasking OR by demonstrating a subset of the requirements with a feasible plan to meet all requirements in a future proof-of-concept or prototype.


Procure (3) vehicles that meet the below minimum requirements for experimentation and possible integration into our harbor defense systems. Main areas of focus are environmental awareness, target tracking and identification, and mobile passive sonar. 

Requirements include:

  • 1 man portable. Must be under 10lb total and fit in a pelican case with all its associated parts.
  • Must be able to take onto a plane.
  • Must be able to achieve a surface velocity of 5 kts and a dive speed of 1 m/s
  • Must be able to dive to a depth of 100m
  • Must be able to maintain a positional accuracy on the surface of 3 meters
  • Must have a surface RF communication range of at least 0.5 miles
  • Must have open source software that we can fully access and integrate with our current command control systems.
  • Must include sensors for water temperature, depth, sound velocity profiles, bathymetry, bottom type characterization
  • Would like sensor on board for passive acoustic monitoring and ability to integrate future payloads
  • Vendor should include documentation and initial training as well as follow on support for the vehicles
  • Vehicle should not require any boat or lift assistance to deploy and recover


Identify potential solutions and associated vendors that can address this need. Coordinate calls to review costs, timetable and logistics.

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