WEBINAR: Session 1 – Overview of the SBIR Process and Engagement with Local Naval and Community Leaders 🗓

WEBINAR: Session 1 – Overview of the SBIR Process and Engagement with Local Naval and Community Leaders 🗓

Thursday, September 3, 2020
10 am – 11:30 am



View more information about the 2020.3 SBIR topics below:







Did you know?
• The Navy is looking for innovative small businesses to help solve technical challenges.
• The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program exists to strengthen the role of innovative small businesses in federally funded research or research and development.
• Three times a year, the Navy releases technical topics and invites small businesses to submit proposals through the SBIR program. The next release is on August 25.
• Larger companies may also be interested in partnering with small businesses on topic responses.
• Local and national expertise is available to help the small and nontraditional business community understand the SBIR program and find collaboration partners.

In the first webinar session, you’ll learn how the Navy works with small businesses to stimulate technological innovation through federally funded research, or research and development. Keynote speaker Shadi Azoum, director, program management at NAVWAR and SBIR coordinator for the NavalX National Tech Bridge, will present examples from past SBIR topics to help small and nontraditional businesses understand the Navy’s areas of interest and how the SBIR program funds small businesses to explore potential solutions.

Azoum will be joined by leaders from NUWC Division Newport and the business community who will share information and resources available to small and nontraditional businesses that want to submit or collaborate on SBIR proposals, including:
• Steve Bordonaro, director, Northeast Tech Bridge
• Jason Gomez, CTO, NUWC Division Newport
• Mary Sylvia, technology partnership officer, NUWC Division Newport
• Tony Ruffa, SBIR lead, NUWC Division Newport
• Representatives from the Prime Contractors (TBA)
• Kaleena Harrington, innovation program manager, Rhode Island Commerce Corporation
• Kaileigh Carroll, PTAC government contracts counselor

What to Expect
• Learn how the SBIR program can help your business collaborate with the Navy.
• Understand the next steps so you are prepared for the August 25 announcement of technical topics.
• Meet key government leaders that can help you understand the system and the topics, and who can connect you to partners or resources.

Who Should Attend?
• Small and nontraditional business innovators, business and technical leads—especially from companies that specialize undersea innovation, advanced materials and technology.


Be sure to join us for Webinar Session 2: Exploring Topics in the August SBIR Cycle

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