WEBINAR: Session 2 – Exploring Topics in the August SBIR Cycle 🗓

WEBINAR: Session 2 – Exploring Topics in the August SBIR Cycle 🗓

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
10 am – 11:30 am



In the second session, the 401 Tech Bridge team will “unpack” a selection of recently released topics with technical points of contact in order to help businesses determine if they have the expertise to address it and want to submit a proposal. A question and answer period will provide companies with an opportunity to dive into the technical details.

Speakers Include:
• Captain Anthony S. Molnar, Project Officer, MK-154/ MK-155, Mobility and Counter Mobility Team, MARCORSYSCOM: N203-148 Crawling Amphibious Breacher
• David H. Keeler, MBA, MS, PMP, Advanced Technology Integrator, PfM Logistics Combat Element Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command: N203-148 Crawling Amphibious Breacher
• William Yeon Joo, CIV USN NIWC PACIFIC: N203-149 Advanced Radio Frequency Photonic Integrated Circuit and N204-152 Platform is the Antenna
• Carlos Alvarado, CIV USN COMNAVWARSYSCOM: N203-150 Frequency Hopping Optimization for Tactical Data Link
• Matthew Levy, N203-151 Machine Learning Detection of Source Code Vulnerability
• Shadi Azoum, NAVWAR Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) PM, NAVWAR Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) PM, NavalX SBIR/STTR Liaison Officer (LNO): BAA Overview
• Jared Evans, Partner, AF Ventures, AFWERX: AFWERX Open Topic
• Garrett J. Custons, AFWERX DC: AFWERX
• Lee Silvestri, Northeast/401 Tech Bridge Coordinator: Moderator

What to Expect:
• Learn about key technical topics announced in the August 25 SBIR announcement
• Meet technical points of contact and participate in Q/A

Who Should Attend?
• Small and nontraditional business innovators, business and technical leads—especially from companies that specialize undersea innovation, advanced materials and technology.

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