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Demonstration Programs

Designed for subject matter experts, these initiatives offer a platform to showcase your skills and contribute to real-world missions. spotlight and demonstrate your capabilities or participate in mission experimentation through our specialized programs.

2024 Demo Days

This year’s demonstrations will begin with (4) individual Demonstration Days. Each focusing on a different technology area. Participants are offered the opportunity to pitch their capability in-person at a 401 Tech Bridge location, or online via Microsoft Teams. Demonstrations can range from a pre-recorded presentation to a live online demonstration based on access to the necessary equipment and environment. A panel of experts will select top technologies within each technology area.

These honorees will receive an invitation to participate in a combined, in-water demonstration event in Rhode Island in August 2024.

2024 Technology Areas Include

    • Undersea and Multi-domain Communications
    • Data Visualization, Digital Twins, Virtual Worlds
    • Interoperable Persistent Monitoring
    • Autonomous/Uncrewed Systems

“We are grateful to have been invited to demonstrate at 401 Tech Bridge’s Blue Tech Demo Day. We engaged with a highly motivated audience and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. It was not just a platform for showcasing our product; it was a launchpad for meaningful connections, valuable partnerships, and a broader recognition of our brand.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual demonstration?
We call these virtual demonstrations because they are expected to convey the capability your organization or product has. It is not simply a presentation of your concept or idea. In order participate and be competitive, you must convince a panel of experts that you will be able to demonstrate your capability, live, in-person, in Rhode Island, in August. How you do that, is up to you, but you must be able to make your most compelling demonstration pitch either in-person at the 401 Tech Bridge Lab in Middletown, RI, or on Microsoft Teams. This is more than an elevator pitch. You will have 15 minutes plus a short Q&A period.
Who is invited to participate in the demonstrations?

Any business, university team, or non-profit which has a demonstrable capability in the technology area is invited to apply to be a participant. Applications must be completed no later than 10 days prior to the scheduled event.

Why should I apply?

The virtual demonstration will be attended by a variety of potential government and non-government customers across sectors interested in your technology and capability. These events are sponsored by the U.S. Navy but given the off-base nature of these events, there will be a much wider pool of customers than at previous events. Additionally, 401 Tech Bridge will be providing a significant number of program support awards in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 to selected participants of the Virtual Demonstration events who are invited to the 2nd Round In-water/In-person Demonstration in August.

How do I apply?

Through a link on the 401 Tech Bridge website. You will need to answer all questions on the webform and upload a single document not to exceed 5 pages to include text, specifications, tables, and pictures.

Are these events open to the public?

There is an open call for both participants and attendees to apply/register, but the events will not be fully open to the public. Only vetted applicants and attendees will be provided access to both the virtual (Microsoft Teams) and in-person events.

Who is invited to attend?

Participants will be limited to organizations that apply and are deemed to have credible capability in the technology area being demonstrated and considered in good standing.

Attendees who register must be affiliated with a government organization, university, or potential investor (VCs, Angels, Primes or Systems Integrator – although private companies may be restricted from participation during some demonstrations depending on the desire of the applicant).

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