Our Programs

Accelerating Innovation

The Tech Bridge model harnesses the power of public-private partnerships to bolster economic resilience, cultivate the future workforce, and provide opportunities for development, training, access to labs, and equipment resources. It facilitates collaborative efforts among industry, government, and academic partners to innovate, prototype, test, and deliver solutions collectively.

Tech Scouting

Pioneering Innovation Discovery

The Tech Scout Program is an agile initiative crafted to pinpoint and assess state-of-the-art technologies, products, and services. Utilizing our expansive nationwide network, our goal is to procure solutions tailored to specific requirements, thereby ensuring that our DoD partners remain ahead of the curve in technological progress.


Unveiling Ingenuity

Tailored for subject matter experts, these initiatives provide a platform to exhibit your expertise and make tangible contributions to real-world missions. Whether you aim to showcase and validate your capabilities or engage in mission experimentation, our specialized programs offer avenues for active participation.

Tech Showcases

Inspire, Innovate, and Collaborate

Tech Showcases provide an avenue to discover the application, patent licensing, and commercialization potential of inventions. Showcasing a carefully curated array of technologies, innovations, and products, these events offer a platform for engagement and learning among industry, government, and academia representatives.


Accelerate Your Success

Tailored for entrepreneurs, provides invaluable mentorship, access to essential resources, and strategic funding opportunities. Leverage our vast network and expertise to propel your business forward.

Prize Challenges

Challenge Accepted

Government prize challenge programs offer a unique avenue for collaboration between the public and private sectors in tackling pressing national issues. Prize challenges incentivize rapid innovation, yielding usable technology by inviting individuals, startups, and organizations to compete.  Participants have the opportunity to showcase their expertise while contributing to the advancement of critical national security solutions.

Education Outreach

Hands-on Skill Building

Exposing students to the diverse career opportunities within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields introduces them to real-world problem-solving scenarios, allowing them to apply their skills collaboratively to tackle complex challenges. Cultivating a skilled and diverse workforce is paramount for the prosperity and security of our nation.


Empowering Futures

We are proud to be one of the three organizations to participate in the RISE-UP program. This program offers student opportunities to connect with real-world challenges and mentorship across states, industries, and sectors. Fuel your learning and development journey through hands-on experiences and guidance from a diverse network of mentors.