401TB Tech Scouting

tech scouting

The 401 Tech Bridge Tech Scouting program is a civilian-driven, non-government interface between the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) and its Tech Bridge network, and 401 Tech Bridge’s nation-wide networks of innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, and tech resources.

Our expertise in curating, navigating, and connecting these diverse networks is the foundation of what makes the Tech Scouting program so successful.

the Power of collaboration

• Qualified candidates and relevant domains are quickly identified and engaged, thanks to 401 Tech Bridge’s deep networks and expertise at working within them.

• National defense and public safety projects are accelerated through our assisting Defense partners accomplish demo, trial, and experiment objectives with greater efficiency

• Regional business and job growth are powered through the connecting of businesses offering national defense, public safety, or dual-use solutions, with Defense customers

• Commercialization efforts are accelerated through 401 Tech Bridge’s other programs and support resources, helping businesses deliver needed solutions to their Defense customers faster

• As a civilian, non-government organization, 401 Tech Bridge assures that the U.S. Navy’s interactions and relationships with private business and industry adhere to all laws and regulations governing such interactions and relationships

Capt. Michael R. Coughlin, past Commanding Officer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center and Christian Cowan, Executive Director at 401 Tech Bridge, complete the ceremonial signing of the Partnership Intermediary Agreement at Innovate Newport. [DAVE HANSEN PHOTO]
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