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401 Tech Bridge’s people, partners, and facilities fill the gaps to help innovators get their proven, high tech products out the door and into customer hands. Collaborating with our deep networks across business, government, academia and national defense and public safety, we provide people, programming, and equipment to bring new technologies to market faster.

Serving startups, entrepreneurs, established companies, educational institutions, and government, 401 Tech Bridge is the solution for anyone seeking to bridge R&D gaps, develop talent pipelines, or connect with potential customers and funding opportunities. Leveraging our team and partner expertise in areas like Blue Tech, advanced manufacturing, composites, and textiles, we also serve as a key economic growth engine for the region. 

In a nutshell. If you’re working on a new technology that’s between the prototype and production and deployment stages (MRL/TRL 7-9*), and you need support to bring the technology to market? We can help.

* Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL), Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

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    Connect, Create, Commercialize

    It’s both our tagline, and our recipe for success.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a new venture, a seasoned executive helping to grow an established business, or a small team of inventors with a game-changing idea. You’re all innovators, and all with the same goal. To get your product into customer hands. 

    Fortunately, you have 401 Tech Bridge on your side. 

    Connect: Our networks across business, government, academia, and national defense and public safety are as deep as they are broad. Working with 401 Tech Bridge gives you full access to these networks, along with a team of expert relationship curators. We love bringing people together.

    Create: We’re constantly developing and rolling out programming tailored specifically to meet the needs of high tech innovators pursuing commercialization.  To make sure that our clients have access to the best minds and resources available, we frequently collaborate and partner with leading innovators and other organizations.

    Commercialize: The Goal. Everything we do together is designed to help get you here.  Our ultimate mission is to build bridges to accelerate your crossing the gaps between you and commercialization.


    Founded in 1993, IYRS School of Technology & Trades is a non-profit, post-secondary, fully ACCSC-accredited experiential learning institution in Newport, Rhode Island and is the premier marine trades and modern manufacturing school in the United States. 

    Working with 401 Tech Bridge, IRYS found ways to leverage its facilities, faculty and expertise to support marine startup growth, while enhancing its curriculum by exposing students in the real-world process of an early-stage company transforming an idea into a commercialized product.

    “These real-world interactions will help IYRS to expand its position as a research-based trade school on a scale where we can help more companies develop and prototype their ideas.”
    Bill Kenyon
    Director of Education, IYRS