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About Us

Accelerating BlueTech Innovations from Concept to Commercialization

At 401 Tech Bridge, our people, partners, and facilities collaborate seamlessly to support innovators in navigating challenges and realizing the full potential of their dual-use solutions. Operating as a catalyst for economic growth, we leverage our networks to facilitate connections and empower advancements, positioning ourselves as a vital hub for fostering innovation and collaboration.

Our Programs

Building Strong Connections and Fostering Innovation

Relationships are built through collaboration and networking.  Our programming stands as an initiative dedicated to fostering those relationships. Through a diverse array of curated programs, we provide a platform for cross-sector partnerships, enabling participants from industry, government, and academia to engage in impactful projects. From groundbreaking research to cutting-edge solutions, 401 Tech Bridge’s programs are committed to driving progress and catalyzing advancements that shape the future of dual-use technology.

Tech Scouting

Tech scouting identifies and evaluates existing or developing technologies, products, services, and emerging trends.


An accelerator is a program that provides support, mentorship, resources to assist in developing their business and technology.

Experimentation & Demonstrations

Experimentations and demonstration programs provide the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities and/or perform a mission experimentation for subject matter experts.


RISE-UP is an initiative catalyzing blue economy dual-use entrepreneurship and innovation.




Our Market

Fueling Innovation and Collaboration in a Diverse Ecosystem

401 Tech Bridge serves a diverse community of partners, innovators and entrepreneurs from industry, government, and academia. Our collaborative platform is designed to support and connect this broad spectrum of stakeholders, foster innovation and address challenges across various sectors.

Our Locations

Innovate Together

Our technical spaces offer neutral lab and equipment for industry, government, and academic partners to collaboratively problem-solve, develop concepts, build and test prototypes, model concepts, and present solutions.

Locations include:

  • Middletown, RI
  • Providence, RI