Case Study: Graphene Composite (GC)

Dec 21, 2021 | Case Studies

Graphene Composites (GC) is a world leader in nanomaterials engineering. With roots that extend from the United Kingdom to Providence, Rhode Island, the team applies its nanotechnology expertise to a wide range of applications and technical challenges, developing revolutionary solutions in health, protection, composites, and energy industries.

Led by former Rhode Islander Sandy Chen, CEO, and Dr. Steve Devine, CTO, GC developed one of their best-known products: the GC Shield™.

Read how the GC and 401 Tech Bridge teams are looking forward to eventually moving production of GC Ink and other GC technology to the new Advanced Materials and Technology Center anticipated to open sometime in 2022 in Portsmouth, RI.

With its opening will come the commissioning and availability of the plasma reactor, which will accelerate the adoption of nanotechnology in Rhode Island and beyond.

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