BlueTIDE 2024: Critical Innovations at Work in Newport, RI

Jul 10, 2024 | News

401 Tech Bridge is thrilled to announce BlueTIDE 2024 (Technology In-water Demonstration Event), scheduled for August 29th in Newport, RI. This event will feature (20) participating companies selected from our Multidomain & Undersea Communications, Digital Twin & Virtual World, Persistent Monitoring & Sensing, and Autonomous & Uncrewed Systems demonstration events earlier this year. Each participant will engage in targeted tasks within their respective technology area within a predefined mission scenario, showcasing innovative solutions that foster collaboration between these technology innovators.

This year’s roster of companies represents a diverse range of states and countries, including Canada and Scotland. Participants in BlueTIDE 2024 include: CSignum Ltd, OceanComm, Inc, Torrey Pines Logic Inc, Bluemvmt, DSA Ocean, HydroNet, MAK Technologies, Sunfish, SeaDeep, Sensor Technologies Ltd, JAIA Robotics Inc, Seasats, BlueIQ, Primordial Labs, Greensea IQ, VATN Systems, SeaTrac, HavocAI, and Open Ocean Robotics.

In addition to the dynamic in-water demonstrations, BlueTIDE 2024 will also feature a “Showcase Alley,” highlighting hand-picked companies exhibiting interesting technologies as static displays and supporting capabilities. Showcase Alley participants come from diverse locations including Australia, New Zealand, Norway. Participants include Havguard, Avalon Holographics, Dust Identity, Starboard Maritime Intelligence Ltd, enDAQ-MIDE Technology Corp, C2Robotics, PowerHouse, Nautilus Defense, and Enginuity.

This event promises to demonstrate maritime technological capabilities in challenging environments critical to both defense and private sector needs. BlueTIDE will set the bar for demonstrations of maritime technologies and collaboration between small businesses in New England.

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