401 Tech Bridge Scale Up! RI Showcase

401 Tech Bridge Scale Up! RI Showcase


This special event is an opportunity to catch up with the participants in our Scale Up! RI program. Facilitated by Polaris MEP Commercialization Consultant, Peter Russo, each company will present their unique market position and give a short update on their business.

This is an excellent networking opportunity for participants and partners alike. Our Scale Up! cohort has been taking an action-oriented approach to solving the challenges of getting a product to market. Participants are also in the running to receive one of ten $2,000 credit awards toward prototyping with a local manufacturer.

About Scale Up! RI: 401 Tech Bridge and Polaris MEP teamed up with expert commercialization consultants to deliver a six-month-long program to help companies take their next steps towards commercialization and scalable production.

Scale Up! RI Companies:

Cellorama, Milton, MA – Brings novel technologies to research on personalized medicine. Their solutions protect the sensitive cells in the lab while examining and preparing them through safer cell culture devices and precision methodologies.

Clear Carbon & Components Inc., Bristol RI – A high-end composite component manufacturer specializing in creating custom composite enclosures for the Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Military and Marine industries.

Concordia Manufacturing, LLC, Coventry, RI – Designs and manufactures high-performance, lightweight fibers and composite materials for leading apparel, industrial fabric, and advanced
composite companies throughout the world.

Empire Group, Attleboro, MA – A full-service product development and manufacturing company focused on enhancing our customers’ ability to develop breakthrough ideas, accelerate time to market, and produce innovative, high-quality products.

IMMAD, LLC, Quincy, MA – Has invented an IMMAD-VR prototype that objectively determines fitness
to drive with recent or acute marijuana use. It does not matter if one is pro marijuana or anti marijuana, we all need to be advocates for public safety.

Jade Manufacturing Company, Inc., Coventry, RI – A manufacturer with over 70 years of business experience as a defense industry supplier. Building products to exacting military standards, in
support of US warfighters.

Juice Robotics LLC, Middletown, RI – Scaling down marine robotics to be smaller, lighter, and more
accessible. The company offers the smallest, depth tolerant, lighting and camera systems on the market and is creating a standardized, modular component system that are building blocks for tomorrow’s robotic platforms.

Kestrel Innovative Fibers, LLC, Narragansett, RI – Is developing sustainable custom fibers tailored for a variety of industries. Also producing fibers from recycled plastics harvested from our ocean.

Nautilus Defense, Danvers, MA – Develops and builds state-of-the-art fabric circuits and systems for a
broad range of markets. Nautilus is actively developing educational fabric circuit kits to provide underserved students with direct access to impactful STEM learning experiences.

PowerHouse, Danvers, MA – Is opening new fronts in the fight against climate change with novel deployment solutions for renewables.

ROAM LOUD, Providence, RI – Is a call to action to unlock inner freedom and independence. Specializing in premium, feel-good athleisure and activewear, they are creating a lifestyle where brown skin is at the forefront and not an afterthought; and encouraging others to move through the world on their own terms.

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What 401 Tech Bridge Can Do For You

We at 401 Tech Bridge collaborate with companies, academia, and government agencies to accelerate and advance the development of advanced material and technologies. 401 Tech Bridge provides programming and support for regional startups, entrepreneurs, and small business in the areas of research and development, technology transfer, and commercialization. Through partnerships and collaboration, 401 Tech Bridge can assist you with the network and resources necessary to prototype, develop, and commercialize your blue tech. Learn how you can play a significant role in developing the blue tech necessary to place our region as a leader in this space by registering and attending the 401 Tech Bridge: Tech Commercialization Showcase taking place October 5th, 2022 at CIC Providence, RI.