401TB Technology Centers

401 Tech Bridge Technology Centers

Whether on the East Bay or in Downtown Providence, 401 Tech Bridge’s Technology Centers are there to support you. 

Our (2) technical spaces offer neutral lab and equipment for industry, government, and academic partners to collaboratively problem-solve, develop concepts, build and test prototypes, model concepts, and present solutions.

Companies will be able to work with cross-functional teams to develop new ideas, and large entities can sponsor projects that leverage the expertise of small companies, universities and others. This site will help also support and accelerate the growth of three key industries in the state of Rhode Island and its surrounding region—composites, textiles, robotics & undersea technology.

The facility will also offer presentation and training facilities, temporary office and workspaces, event hosting, and trainings.

Middletown, RI

127 John Clarke Road, Middletown, RI

Available Equipment​:

  • Office & conference space
  • Workstations
  • Hand tools​
  • Soldering and electronics workstations​
  • NEW – Instron 34TM-50 Testing System
127 John Clarke Rd Middletown, RI

Providence, RI

50 Sims Avenue, Providence, RI

Available Equipment:

  • Workbenches
  • Hand tools
  • Scales
  • Calibration equipment
“This is another positive step toward developing a strong, sustainable technological ecosystem here in Rhode Island. This [Center] will help 401 Tech Bridge and its partners build on their success and attract more opportunities for entrepreneurship, investment, and innovation.”
– Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) 


United Kingdom-based, Graphene Composites has grown to become a world leader in nano materials engineering. Serving healthcare, Defense and public safety, composites, and energy, the team applies its nanotechnology expertise to a wide range of applications and technical challenges.

Learn how 401 Tech Bridge helped GC expand operations to Rhode Island, and made commercialization of Graphene Composites’ new “GC Ink” technology attainable right here in RI. GC is also looking forward to being one of the first companies to take advantage of the 401 Tech Bridge Advanced Materials & Technology Center.

"Without funding from the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and the deep experience and connections of 401 Tech Bridge, it would have taken much longer for GC Ink to reach production scale, and we would not be aligned with the specific resources we now have here in the U.S. If it was not for these resources, we would probably still be only making GC Ink in the UK.”