Tech Scouting – Interoperable Monitoring

Tech Scouting – Interoperable Monitoring

401 Tech Bridge has a tech scouting opportunity available for Interoperable Monitoring with specific criteria and requirements. The evaluation of technical quality and tasking is listed. Please reach out to Linda Larsen if you have any questions.

TECH SCOUTING: Interoperable Monitoring

Evaluation of Technical Quality: The evaluation criteria for this CTI is based on the proof-of-concept meeting the requirements specified in the tasking OR by demonstrating a subset of the requirements with a feasible plan to meet all requirements in a future proof-of-concept or prototype.

Tasking: Conduct Tech Scouting and proof-of-concept demonstration for the following technology:

The United States Department of the Navy is seeking to identify an interoperable monitoring solution both wired and wireless to characterize systems, subsystems, and platform spaces for digital twin, condition-based maintenance and other applications. These technologies may be integrated individually on navy systems or as a package to monitor an entire space hosting several navy systems of systems.

Specifically interested in advanced measurement technologies for vibration analysis that are remote, non-contact, minimally intrusive and/or non-invasive that can operate with limited local power and wired data transmission available. The desired data transfer and exfiltration methods include, direct connection, removable media, and wireless. There is an interest in sensors that can leverage energy harvesting techniques to enable fully wireless sensors.

System Measurement Requirements:

  1. The solution shall be minimally intrusive and not require modification to the system or system operation
  2. The solution shall provide continuous monitoring/recording with remote/automated data collection methods
  3. The solution shall provide output data in an open, supplier neutral, non-proprietary format that can be managed and processed with multiple other data sources to be integrated into a single analysis/reporting platform by a third party or Navy owned data systems.
  4. Solution shall use standard non-proprietary data transfer process to include over ethernet, wireless, and removable media
  5. The solution shall provide data in a format that can be managed and processed with multiple other data sources to be integrated into a single analysis/reporting platform by a third party.
  6. Solutions that can also provide power data (current and voltage) would be of interest.

In addition, there is interest in other key characteristics including acceleration, motion data, thermal, pressure, lube/fluid condition analysis, optical, acoustic to include ultrasonic, power and electro magnetics, electrical current analysis.

The desired deliverables from this Tech Scout would be identified potential solutions and associated vendors that can address this need and as applicable, coordinated in person or virtual demonstrations of prospective solutions on navy relevant applications.

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