401TB U.S. Navy Prize Challenges

U.S. Navy Prize Challenges

Sponsored by the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command Technology Office through its NavalX Tech Bridge network, and managed by 401 Tech Bridge, U.S. Navy Prize Challenges offer exciting opportunities for private-sector technology innovators to collaborate on national defense and public safety missions. 

Each Prize Challenge is unique in objectives and required deliverables, offering a multiple opportunities for a diverse range of disciplines throughout the year.. Prize Challenge also offer cash awards, creating significant funding opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

401 Tech Bridge organizes and holds informational seminars and produces videos that walk interested parties through the details of the Challenge, and the Innocentive platform that is used to help manage the Challenge.  401 Tech Bridge also publishes information about currently active Challenges, application dates, and Challenge details.

If you have questions about current or upcoming U.S. Navy Prize Challenges. Or if you would like to sign up for alerts and notifications about upcoming Prize Challenges. Please contact us using the below link.

“Rhode Island was identified as the first Tech Bridge location supporting dual use collaboration with the Navy because of our rich history with manufacturing and technology.”
– Christian Cowan, Executive Director, 401 Tech Bridge

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401 Tech Bridge helped Eric Goetz transform a struggling custom sailboat company into a world leader in developing and supplying turnkey solutions for high-tech, dynamic composite structures for commercial and Defense markets.

Read on to learn how 401 Tech Bridge’s networks and Prize Challenges helped drive this transformation

"401 Tech Bridge gives smaller companies that might not have the visibility into how to work with a large government organization, for example, a fighting chance. There are many businesses in the region that are incredibly skilled, but wouldn't be able to get into projects on their own. 401 Tech Bridge can help them make the connections needed to overcome potential obstacles such as approved supplier lists, optimal manufacturing requirements, and more."